The following is a list of frequently asked questions and commonly used terms and their meanings, widely used in the coffee trade.

  1. How do I maximize flavour?
    To maximize the flavour of coffee, it is always best to buy coffee in whole bean form and grind it just prior to brewing.

  2. What is acidy?
    A favourable expression that suggests a pleasant sparkle or tang resulting from roasting coffee. Acidity diminishes with increased roasting; thus, dark roasts have less acidity.

  3. What is aroma?
    The smell perception of the elements present in roasted coffee. When nearly boiling water is added to ground coffee some constituents change to gases and are recognized as aroma.  The odor of un-brewed ground coffee is called its fragrance.

  4. What is body?
    The heaviness of a coffee in your mouth perceived after swallowing.  Body is actually micro particles of insoluble coffee fiber suspended in water.  The amount and kind of insoluble varies from one coffee to another.  Also known as mouth feel.

  5. What is winey?
    Like wine, some of the more acidic coffees leave a dry aftertaste in your mouth.  This pungency can add to the complexity of the overall taste experience.