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Pallo Coffeetool Group Head Brush

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A Must have for the kitchen of an espresso addict- The Pallo Coffeetool Group Head Brush is an outstanding tool for daily or periodic cleaning of your espresso machine group head. Its unique patented design and water deflector fins keep your hands cool and dry while cleaning. The onboard dosing spoon measures the appropriate amount of detergent and the steam wand vent poker keeps the end of your steam wand clear of milk build-up. To ensure you dont poke your hands, the Coffeetool comes with a rubber sleeve to cover the poker when not in use.Durable, heat-resistant replaceable bristles- the bristle part unscrews from the handle, making it more cost effective to just replace the bristles which are available separatelySteam wand vent poker for cleaning and de-clogging the steam wandErgonomic handle makes it convenient and easy to hold and a thumb rest keeps your hand in a comfortable position and away from hot waterWater deflector fins prevent scalding hot water from reaching your handsDetergent scoop for backflushing will let you measure out just the right amount for your machine.